What is accumulator betting

what is accumulator betting

Accumulator is a bet with more than three selections in it and once you win with the first selection all the money, the win from the selection number one goes on to selection number two and then on to selection number three, four, five, etc. So if your first election was a five to one winner and you had a pound on it, you get six pound back. If your second selection then one or even money, it doubles your money to 12-pound. If your third selection was an even money, you’ll double it to 24 pound and if your fourth selection one at 221, it’ll be two times 24 plus your 24 back which of course comes 272 pounds. 

So an accumulator is more than three selections where you run on with your original state until the final selection runs. If one of them loses, you lose your steak. 

It is just a series of bets rolled together. Your winnings from the first selection go on the second selection, go on the third selection onto the fourth or you know however many you want. You could put in twenty six selections and if you wished. It is basically multiple bets placed at the one time with the winnings from  each turning into the wager on the next . The effect is substantial if all of your bets are successful. This type of bet can be used in most sports including AFL, NRL, horse racing, and football or soccer. 

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